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A large part of the population continues to suffer from high cholesterol due to unhealthy eating habits and a sedentary lifestyle. Known medically as hypercholesterolemia, this disease is dangerous and poses a serious risk to heart and brain health. While there are various pharmaceutical interventions to combat rising cholesterol levels, they are often associated with a number of side effects . These side effects eventually force patients to look for more natural alternatives, one of which is CholestOff.

Manufactured by Nature Made, a popular company with over 200 dietary supplements under its brand name, CholestOff was advertised as a vitamin and herbal dietary supplement to naturally suppress rising cholesterol levels. Can this supplement really replace pharmaceutical cholesterol-lowering drugs? How much does it cost and what do the reviews say? Read on for answers to all of these questions.


1) Full CholestOff at a glance

Maintaining healthy cholesterol levels is extremely important for good heart health. CholestOff by Nature Made is a natural dietary supplement designed to take care of your heart by regulating the rise in cholesterol levels in the body. It combines various ingredients such as Pantesin and Reducol to stop the production of cholesterol in the liver and minimize the risk of heart disease. Other ingredients found in this supplement include a blend of stanols and sterols extracted from pine trees that reduce the risk of hypercholesterolemia due to genetic and environmental factors.

Available in an easy-to-use softgel form, CholestOff is easy to incorporate into everyday life and is designed to benefit the body without causing side effects. However, it is important to remember that these claimed statements have yet to be evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. In addition, the product is not intended to treat or cure any disease and should not be used as a substitute for pharmaceutical drugs without first consulting a physician.

2) The company behind the complete CholestOff

Nature Made is a company that has been dealing with health and wellness products since 1971. It was founded by Henry Burdick and Barry Pressman who envisioned a better alternative for better and longer lasting health than prescription drugs. The goal is to do everything possible to ensure their supplements are of the highest quality, verified by the USP, and thoroughly tested for potency and purity by the US Pharmacopoeia.

The company manufactures all of its products, including CholestOff, in state-of-the-art facilities and under the care of a highly skilled supervisory team. Key members of this team include a naturopathic physician, staff with PhDs and registered dietitians. Each of their products is based on over 35 years of experience, research and science and is tailored to the lifestyle of their users at every stage.

Nutritional Information

3) CholestOff Complete Ingredients

The active ingredients in CholestOff are derived from natural plants, including pine. These include:

  • Reducol, a proprietary blend of plant stanols and sterols that reduces the absorption of dietary cholesterol into the bloodstream
  • Pantesin slows and possibly limits the production of cholesterol in the liver

According to the manufacturer, four CholestOff capsules provide up to 1.8 grams of stanols and sterols to regulate blood cholesterol levels. These capsules are free from gluten, yeast, artificial flavors and preservatives. In addition to plant sterols and stanols, other ingredients in this dietary supplement are:

  • cellulose gel
  • Polyethylenglykol
  • calcium carbonate
  • Triethyl Citrate
  • Polysorbato 80
  • Dreibasisches Calciumphosphat
  • silica
  • Hydroxypropylmethylcellulose
  • Croscarmellose-Natrium

4) Does CholestOff Complete work?

Several research studies have been conducted to test CholestOff's effectiveness and claims, and some of them support its ability to lower blood cholesterol levels. The supplement is loaded with plant stanols and sterols, which have been shown to reduce total blood cholesterol by 2.8% and LDL cholesterol by 4.9%.

Many independent work sites like Amazon also have many customer reviews from people who have used the product. Most of these reviews are positive and confirm Nature Made's claims regarding this supplement.


5) Complete CholestOff warnings and precautions

The following precautions should be observed if you are considering using CholestOff for the first time:

  • The supplement is not safe for use by nursing mothers and pregnant women.
  • Not to be used by children
  • Do not use CholestOff if you are allergic to pine or any other ingredient in this product
  • If you are taking medications, particularly those that lower cholesterol, consult a healthcare professional before using CholestOff
  • Do not combine CholestOff with other medications before consulting a specialist. Such combinations can often lead to undesirable effects such. B. reduced effectiveness of dietary supplements, reduced drug effectiveness, or impaired absorption of both.

Where to buy?

6) Where to get Complete CholestOff

CholestOff is available through various platforms such as:

  • Official company website (naturemade.com)
  • Amazonas
  • Walmart
  • Kraut
  • Walgreens
  • CV
  • Ebay


7) Full cost of CholestOff

A box of CholestOff containing 120 softgels is priced at $42.69 on Nature Made's official website. You can get a 10% discount by subscribing to the Autoship feature and get the bottle at a discounted price of $38.42. The official website also has a locator to help customers find the nearest stores that sell CholestOff in person.

Keep in mind that CholestOff's prices may vary depending on where you buy it.


8) CholestOff Full directions

CholestOff comes in the form of oral capsules that are convenient to take on a daily basis. The recommended dosage for this supplement is two capsules twice a day, giving the user a total dose of 1800 mg. The best time to take this dietary supplement is immediately before meals, preferably with a break of half an hour between meals. Use a full glass of water to swallow the pills whole and consume them frequently for faster results.


9) Our bottom line

CholestOff appears to be a legitimate product for lowering blood cholesterol levels. It is backed by multiple positive reviews and is priced reasonably so that more people can access it. However, it is not a suitable supplement for everyone, especially pregnant and breastfeeding women. In addition, the company warned against using it as an alternative to pharmaceutical cholesterol-lowering drugs. The results achieved with CholestOff may vary for different users; Therefore, it is recommended to consult a doctor before incorporating it into your daily routine.

questions and answers

CholestOff Complete Questions and Answers


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What does CholestOff Complete contain?


CholestOff consists of Pantesin and Reducol (a mixture of plant sterols and stanols) as the main ingredients responsible for most of its benefits.


What are the benefits of CholestOff Complete?


The main benefit of using CholestOff is lowering the level of cholesterol in the blood by reducing the absorption of cholesterol from food into the blood and limiting its synthesis in the liver. With better cholesterol regulation, users can expect improved heart health.


Can I take CholestOff Complete if I'm pregnant or breastfeeding?


No, the company that makes CholestOff warns users against using this dietary supplement while breastfeeding or pregnant as it may harm both mother and baby.


Can I return CholestOff Complete?


Customers who purchased CholestOff through the official website (naturemade.com) can return the product within 30 days for a full refund.

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I took Cholest Off for a year and my cholesterol levels didn't get better, they got worse.

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Cholest off didn't work for me

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Is CholestOff a statin? I asked my doctor and she said yes, but I can't find this point with online searches.

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Cholest is a statin

Have you already tried this product?




I bought it on the recommendation of a friend who has been using it for several months. I feel great and so far there are no side effects. Let's see what the tests say in a few weeks.



CholestOff Complete is offered by one of the most trusted manufacturers. So I decided to give it a try to lower my cholesterol level which (according to my latest test results) was slightly elevated. Within a few months, my cholesterol was back in the normal range. I will continue to use this product because it really works for me.


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