How to become a teacher in Texas (2023)

To become a teacher in Texas, aspiring educators first need a bachelor's degree. They must complete an accredited educator program and pass certification exams. You can then apply to the state. Some teachers complete an accredited educational program during their studies. Others attend an alternative certificate program or graduate program.

Prospective educators do not need state certification to begin a teaching career in Texas private schools. For example, private religious school teachers may or may not be Texas certified.

This page explains how to become a teacher in Texas. Read on for certification steps and continuing education requirements. The final section contains helpful resources for teachers.

Questions about teaching in Texas

Can I teach in Texas without a certification?

Private schools may choose to hire non-Texas certified teachers. Public schools can only hire state-certified teachers.

How long does it take to get a teacher certification in Texas?

The duration of the certification depends on whether the teachers have a bachelor's degree. Examinations and applications usually only take a few months.

Can you teach in Texas with an out of state license?

Texas welcomes teachers from other states, but they must demand reciprocity. Educators have a one-year grace period to receive formal Texas certification.

How much do teachers make in Texas?

Texas public school teachers make an average of $59,670 per year.sea ​​ Teacher experience levels and pay affect the school district.

What are the requirements to become a certified teacher in Texas?

To become a Texas public school teacher, a license must be obtained. Teachers planning to relocate from Texas may need to apply for a license in their new state. Admission requirements vary from state to state. The following information is specific to Texas tuition requirements.

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    Teachers need a bachelor's degree aaccredited facilitybecome a teacher in texas. The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board must approve thisaccreditation agency. Accreditation proves that the school operates to a standard shared by other institutions and that enrollers acquire the skills to work in their respective fields. Students do not need an educational bachelor's degree to begin a teaching career in Texas.

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    Preparatory program for educators

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    Preparatory programs for educators(EPP) prepare students to take their certification exams to become teachers in Texas. Some degree programs incorporate PSA into their curriculum. Students who have not earned a bachelor's degree in education can complete an EPP upon graduation.

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    certification exam

    In Texas, teachers must pass acertification examin the type of teaching they hope to follow. For example, prospective educators who wish to teach in third grade must take a certification exam covering core subjects from early childhood through sixth grade. Applicants may not fail the exam more than four times. Future teachers canregister for the examby the Texas Education Agency (TEA).

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    state application

    After passing the exam, prospective teachers must apply to the state to become a teacher in Texas. You can do it with the stateOnline certification system for educators. Applicants must confirm their eligibility before submitting the application.

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    All first-time applicants must be prosecuted.examinationand fingerprints. The TEA can conduct a preliminary criminal background check for a non-refundable fee. This option may be useful for those who are unsure how their history might affect their eligibility.

Alternative certification for prospective conductors in Texas

Alternative Certification Programs(ACP) usually enroll as a career changer or bachelor's degree in a subject other than education. The next section liststhe stepsto complete an ACP in Texas.

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    Select a subject and grade level you want to teach

    Prospective educators need to consider the subject and grade level they wish to teach. The answers determine what program they complete and what certification they need. Some PPE can help teachers choose their path.

  2. 2

    Select an alternative certification program

    Students can typically complete an ACP in 12 months. You can search for alternative programs inTEA-Website. ACPs allow students to teach in classrooms or practice in schools, sometimes for a fee.

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    Meet with an advisor

    An ACP advisor of the applicant's choice may meet with prospective educators to discuss application requirements. This usually includes GPA, basic skills and demonstration of content knowledge.

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    Get a teaching job

    Once a prospective teacher has been admitted to an ACP, they will receive a letter of eligibility. Then they have to find a teaching position. Some ACPs help place prospective teachers in a school. At the school, candidates work with a mentor.

  5. 5

    Request a test certificate

    In order to complete a teaching internship, ACP students must apply for a probation certificate from the state. The certificate remains valid for one year. Prospective teachers must apply online, pay the application fee, and undergo a criminal background check.

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    Complete requirements for the default certificate

    To apply for a standard certificate, prospective teachers must complete their ACP training and internship. You must also take the certification exam. Prospective educators must meet these requirements within the year that their probationary certificate is valid to become a Texas teacher.

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    Request your default certificate

    After completing the requirements, future teachers can apply for their standard certificate online. Her ACP program will recommend her to the state. Aspiring educators go through the same standard certificate application process as all other applicants to begin their teaching careers in Texas.

Teacher certification outside of the state of Texas

Educators licensed to teach in other states can become certified to teach in Texas without starting from scratch. HeNational Association of State Directors of Education and Teacher CertificationFacilitates interstate consolidation, making it easier for teachers to obtain licenses when crossing state lines. This teacher license reciprocity applies to 50 Canadian states and provinces.

foreign teachersYou must apply with yourtea sign(TEAL) and attach copies of your state's standard certificates and official transcripts. If approved, they will receive a year-long certificate that allows them to teach while completing their Texas certifications. Some teachers refuse the Texas certification tests because of their transcripts.

Continuing Education Requirements for Texas Teachers

Teachers must renew their standard certificatesevery five years. For the extension, educators must prove that they have completed 150 hourscontinuing Professional Education(CPE). Teachers with an administrative or student service certificate are required to complete 200 hours of CPE. Teachers can renew online through the TEAL system.

The CPE must relate to the teacher's certification area. Of the 150 hours, teachers must devote a certain number of hours to specific areas of professional development. Some examples are digital learning and the education of diverse student populations. Acceptable CPE activities include workshops, institutes, and self-study. Participation in graduate courses also counts as CPE hours.

Tuition Shortage in Texas

As of the 2020-21 school year, TEA has introduced the followingscarcity areasto the United States Department of Education:

  • Bilingual/English as a Second Language – Elementary and Secondary
  • Special Education – Primary and Secondary Education
  • Vocational and technical education – secondary level
  • Technology and Computer Applications – Primary and Secondary Education
  • Mathematics – Secondary Education

Schools and school districts can use these areas of shortage to recruit and hire certified teachers in these subjects. The Texas Workforce CommissionProjects that teachers demandin Texas it will increase by 11% between 2018 and 2028. In comparison, demand for teachers is expected to increase by 4% nationwide.

Resources for teachers

This website lists scholarships, grants, and loans available to Texans attending college. Students who would like to complete a teaching degree at a university can use these funding opportunities to finance their education.The TEA offers and promotes many programs to fund teacher training. These include Teacher Loan Forgiveness, Teach for America, and the Texas Workforce Commission programs.TEACH Scholarships offer scholarships of up to $4,000 per year to students providing they work four years within eight years of graduation at a school or educational institution that serves low-income students or teaches in an area of ​​high need. Otherwise, the grant becomes a loan.This program provides $2,500 in loan repayment assistance to educators teaching in specific areas with critical bottlenecks.This website provides teachers and citizens with information about school districts and schools across the state. Visitors can compare standardized test scores between schools and counties in Texas.

Online Teaching Courses

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Student loan forgiveness for teachers


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