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Join the Charlotte Fire Brigade

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Charlotte firefighter.Our hiring needs range from year to year;Our goal is to look for highly qualified and different constant candidates to join our first organization.

Take a look at this video about the life of a Charlotte firefighter

Settings Process of the Charlotte Fire Department Fire Department:

Minimum authorization requirements:

  • At least 18 years old


  • valid driver's license

  • Candidates with military service must have an honorary dismissal, if necessary

  • Must meet medical requirementsNFPA 1582This means that firefighters must have mobility and physical strength to do longer and tedious work in unwanted conditions.

    • Without being limited, this includes the ability to raise, move and maintain the position of objects (for example, charged hoses) up to 90 pounds.Push objects up to 25 pounds;Pull objects from 25 to 50 pounds;and get up or pull victims that weigh more than £ 150.

  • In addition, firefighters need to think critically and solve complex problems during physical effort in stressful and dangerous environments.

Employment Opportunities


(Video) Charlotte Fire Department Literacy Event & Author’s Visit

Automatic disqualification include:

  • Anything but an honorable dismissal of the military

  • Admission and/or conviction of a criminal offense

  • Admission and/or conviction of an offense in which moral traits are involved

  • Illegal use of drugs within 12 months before or after the test date in writing

  • A standard of illegal drug use (including distribution)

  • Robbery

  • Six or more points for violations of driving records in the last three (3) years.

    • The three -year period must be calculated from the date of conviction for each violation.

    • Judicial decisions such as Prayer for Judgment (PJC) are considered convictions.

  • Condemnation by Dui/DWI in the last five (5) years

  • Candidates are expected to serve this guideline before employment:GO_209.01A Body Art Directive

Settings of the Firefighter Stage process

Step 1: Fill in the online app

Every year, CFD accepts only online applications on a particular time window.The online application for the hiring process for the firefighter 2023-A is now closed.

Once an order has been sent, your personal registration status and communications that were sent to you by and email will be sent to you on my apps at the top of the screen.Enter the username and password you created when creating your candidate profile.If you do not remember your username or password, use restoration options given there.Sobald you can view your candidate profile and the current status of the entire rash, sent or unfinished from Charlotte in Charlotte.The right of each position is the current status/step in the process where your application is currently located and clicking on the date on which the last notification can open, roll and check the messages sent to you.Application.-Contation, in updates and invitations for the duration of configuration to monitor the process.

Step 2: Register for a structured and light oral interview

Once the registration deadline is closed, those who have completed the on -line application will receive an and email with information about the on -line record for the structured oral interview.

Step 3: Written Test

After the candidates completed the structured oral interview, they are planned on site to return to a written test session.Reproducers who pass the written test and the structured oral interview are charged to complete the Fireground Test Capacity (FPAT).

Stage 4: Test of Physical Skills (PAT)

The PAT is designed to allow the fire brigades to obtain train candidate pools that are physically capable of performing essential tasks in fire fights scenes.The test consists of various events that need to be completed in a certain period of time.Continue on a certain path of the event to the event and complete the entire skill test.An optional orientation meeting is offered by appointment, followed by consultation with a first attempt required in the test. Fire Fire Physical Skill Test Video.

Step 5: Application Package Assessment

Candidate registration packages are checked from the team.Reproducers that go beyond this phase can be invited to send a screening assessment.

Step 6: Screening Evaluation

Step 7: Panel Interview

CFD operations interviews of the panel panel of the panel.Successful candidates can be invited to take a polygraph test.

Step 8: Polygraph test and digital printing

Candidates receive a polygraph test and become fingerprint.

Step 9: Conditional Employment Offers

At this stage, successful candidates can be issued by a conditional job offer with a provisional start date to start a recruitment class at the gym.

Step 10: Background Studies for Personal History

Step 11: Psychological evaluation, medical examination before employment and uniform adaptation

The CFD follows the National Association for Fire Protection (NFPA) 1582 Medical Guidelines.

Step 12: Drug tests before employment

Charlotte's Fire Brigade follows the work policy without work and without alcohol of Charlotte.Candidates are planned within 30 days before the start date at the gym for drug screening.

Step 13: Public Service Certification

(Video) Charlotte Fire Department: Ten House truck show-and-tell

The Charlotte Fire Brigade will present a document package for selected candidates for approval to the Civil Function Council.

Step 14: Formal employment offer to start the recruitment school

Upon approval of the public service, candidates receive a fixed job offer to start recruiting the school, with at least one two -week window becoming known to its current employer.

Step 15: Well -Vo to the Charlotte Fire Department!

Firefighter interns or recruits receive full employees with a complete performance packaging of Charlotte, which is paid on the first day of the Academy's recruitment school from Charlotte's recruitment day.

Charlotte Fire Department 2023 -Hiring -Prozity

The online application for the hiring process for the firefighter 2023-A is now closed.

common questions

The information contained here is within the structure of the current 2023-A FF configuration process and is subject to an annual review and change.

The online application for the hiring process for the firefighter 2023-A is now closed.

To send a interest card and put it on our sales list to get ETAIL updates for future fire brigade display optionsCard of interest of the Charlotte Fire Department.

Every year, the number of retirement, advertising campaigns and commissioned financial resources and recruited at the gym depends.Exact data vary from year to year.

This highly competitive process includes several steps in which a candidate must appear personally personally with relatively short knowledge.The experience and timeline of all candidates throughout the process can vary, and not all those who subscribe are defined.

Contact with candidates can be established by telephone or email, so that all calls received can continue to monitor, we move the process of the year.

Once a candidate is selected and brought to a class, the appeal school lasts about six months and is from Monday to Friday, around 8:00 to 17:00 will be used in a pool for future classes until theend of the year.

My friend/family member works for the CFD.Can I ask you to find out my next step or my status in the hiring process?

CFD recruitment and staff teamit cannotDiscuss the status of a candidate with someone other than the candidate;This includes other CFD employees and family, friends, or other significant candidates.Are responsible.

Does the city of Charlotte require all new employees to be vaccinated for Covid?

The city of Charlotte needs proof of Covid 19 vaccination as a condition of employment for new Charlotte employees.The city is an employer of equal opportunities and, as such, is taken into consideration as needed.

Are candidates informed about the prerequisites for the event events to have time to get out of work?

This strongly competitive process includes several steps for which a candidate must appear in person.It can come at times when a candidate is relatively short (ie a few days or a week) of a personal appearance request for the next stage (ie H. interview, polygraph, physical, etc.) is the responsibility ofA candidate is made available to these steps, upon request and communicate concerns with his attitude team.

  • Initially, the following should be visited in person, and candidates will know at least two weeks in advance:

    • Written examination and structured oral process

    • Flat - Once for orientation (optional), once flat (recommended) and/or once to record or repeat the final FPAT (if the candidate did not exist for the first time)

  • If selected to advance in all stages, a candidate would have to have sometimes more times that a candidate must appear in person with a relatively short grade:

    (Video) A Firefighter's Nightmare - The Charleston Sofa Super Store Fire 2007

    • Interview panel

    • Polygraph and Digital Printing (an appointment)

    • Psychological evaluation, medical examination before employment (physical NFPA) and uniform adaptation (will try to plan every 3 commitments in one day)

My friend/family member and I are in the current process.I received an invitation to an interview on the panel, but you don't have it;Does that mean your app was closed?

The experience and timeline of each candidate for the entire duration of the process can vary, and not everyone who is applying are defined.Contact with candidates can be made by telephone or EIL so that all calls received can continue to monitor the year when the appropriate contacts for candidate questions or concerns, are the addresses and email and phone numbers that are made available and availablefor each candidate throughout the year of the year.

Can I be made available for my notes for the written exam and CPAT?

Individual reviews of attitude process components (ie, written examination, structured oral processes, interviews, etc.) are not made available to candidates.FPAT is approved/failure and candidates are aware of their FPAT's time, regardless of whether they have passed or failed.

I am currently completing an active contract for the military.Before my time in the Armed Forces, I was a firefighter/paramedic in another city/other state for eight years.Can one of these periods be bought back to retirement?

Yes.Purchases can be made up to 5 years of active military service and five years of previous government service.The purchase of service loans can be made after five years of acquisition with CFD and purchased with 401 (K) and 457 funds as a confidence transmission that you do not need to pay and did not punish.

I am currently completing an active contract for the military.Before my time in the Armed Forces, I was a firefighter/paramedic in another city/other state for eight years.


If the window opens for requests before the date of settlement of the Armed Forces, could I request the position and complete the registration process while I am still on duty?

The active members of military service are well -vast.

The moment I live in another state.Are there guidelines that candidates or employees of the city of Charlotte have to live?

The city of Charlotte and/or the Charlotte Monitor Fire Brigade is not limited when an employee lives differently from managing this information in the file.

Recruits live during the gym's school of appeal at the gym?

No, the recruits do not stay overnight or do not live at the gym.They visit the recruitment school every day at Fridays, approximately 8:00 to 17:00.

Do recruits receive payment during the recruit school?

Yes, Fireman's Recruit is a paid position that starts on the first day of the gym recruitment school.

Do recruits receive medical services?

Yes, its advantages of the city of Charlotte are effective on the first day of the gym's school of resource.

What can I do to improve my chances of being defined as a CFD recruit?

(Video) Firefighter CPAT Test Walkthrough

Individuals should check and monitor completelyCareers in the Fire BrigadeInformation about the hiring process and CFD requirements, as well as videos, study leaders, preparatory leaders and additional information about Charlotte Feuerwehremann.Individuals are encouraged to continue to strive for their best people.

Do I have to have a fire brigade experience to apply with CFD or be defined as a recruit?

No. All the recruits of firefighters belonging to or without prior fire/EMT experience are fully trained in fire fighting skills and EMT during the resource school.

Do I have to have my EMT certification to apply with CFD or be defined as a recruit?

No. All the recruits of the Fire Brigade established with or without previous experiences of the Fire Brigade/EMT are fully trained during the recruitment school, and all CFD firefighters maintain their NC -M -MT certification (at least) for the full durationof your CFD career.

Currently, I have my NC EMT certification.Do I have to go through the resource school and have to take an EMT course during the recruitment school?

Yes.All Recruits of the Fire Brigade hired with or without the previous experiences of the Fire Brigade/EMT are fully trained during the Recruit School, and all CFD Fire Department brigades maintain their NC -MT certification (at least) with them to themlong of their CFD careers.NC Valid EMTCertification is updated in its associated connection (verified by the CFDS EMS coordinator during the recruit school) that the recruit would not be required to recover the EMT test of the state after the training is completed.

I am a holder of NR EM and I also have my EMT certification in my home state.

Yes, North Carolina has mutuality, and candidates who have their National Registration EMT or EMT outside the state can visitEmergency Medical Services OfficeMore information about the reciprocity process.

Is there an incentive to pay if I have my college degree?

After completing the recruitment school, candidates receive a 5% incentive for a member diploma or an incentive of 10% for a bachelor's degree.An official transcription is required.

Do you have questions anyway?

Please call704.336.2979or

I am currently firefighter in another state or in another jurisdiction.Hat cfd a side input program?

No, CFD currently has no side entry program.

I am currently an employee of the city of Charlotte in another department.If I am selected as a firefighter, would be on my current salary scale or see a payment/reduction in payment?

All the leaders of the Newly -Contracted Fire Department receive the current financial year, which would be listed in the employment announcement at the time of registration.

(Video) Charlotte County Airport Rescue and Fire Fighting Training Facility Ribbon Cutting


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