The best Avis AWD codes to save on car rental (2023)

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  • What is an Avis AWD code?
  • Avis AWD Codes and Coupon Codes
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  • How to apply Avis discount codes
  • The Avis Loyalty Program – Avis Preferred
  • More ways to save on your next Avis car rental+
    • Join the Loyalty Club
    • Premium credit card rental
    • Rent outside the airport
    • Don't pay for petrol in advance
    • Consider booking through an airline portal
  • Savings opportunities at other car rental companies
  • frequently asked questions

Want to save on your next Avis car rental? It's very simple, you just need to understand how Avis Car Rental discount codes work, specifically the Avis AWD code.

atTop car rental companyOffers, promotions and discounts. But they all do it a little differently and don't make the best discounts publicly available.

Don't worry, we've done a little research to help you out. Here's your guide to saving big on your next oneAvis car rental.

What is an Avis AWD code?

An Avis AWD code is the discount code that Avis uses for your rental. It is an acronym for the "Avis Worldwide Discount" program and includes limited-time offers, corporate discount codes, discounts for using a specific credit card, or a discount and bonus offer combined with oneAvis travel partner.

When you make your reservation you will see that Avis has a separate field for the AWD code number and the coupon code number. Often you can use an AWD code and a coupon code to “stack” a discount and bonus offer. Just type or paste the code number in the box and the discount and offer will be applied automatically.

Avis AWD Codes and Coupon Codes

Here is a list of some popular Avis AWD codes.

Newspaper discount


Save 15% on rentals of 5 days or moreS018500
Save 10% on already LOW RATES at locations near youK348200
15% off base rates on a monthly car rentalA538100
Up to 25% off base prices with 10% donated to Susan G. Komen®A349300
Up to 25% off base prices with 5% donated to Make a Wish®H749900
AARP members save up to 30% off base faresA359807
25% off base fares for veterans and military family membersT765700

Avis AWD codes are different from Avis voucher codes. You can stack AWD Numbers with coupon codes, but you cannot add multiple AWD Numbers or multiple coupon codes. As you will see in the table below, coupon codes are fine, AWD codes save you money. I would find the best AWD code and then apply one of these coupon codes to it to see if you get an even better discount. It may not offer additional discounts, but there's no harm in trying.

reviews coupon

Coupon Code

Free upgrade + up to 30% discount when you pay nowUUWA036
Enjoy $10 off $100 on base spendMUWA017
Take advantage of $15 off $125 off base editionsMUWA018
Take advantage of $75 off $600 off base editionsMUWA012

Avis Company Codes

Company Codes are heavily discounted rates negotiated between a company and Avis. They're a great way to save on car rentals, but you have to be very careful when using them.

In particular, you must ensure that you are authorized to use a company code before applying it to your next car rental. There are many risks associated with using a code that you do not qualify for. Initially, you'll likely be asked for identification to prove you're affiliated with the company whose code you're using. If you cannot prove that you are associated with this organization, there is a good chance your lease will be denied.

More importantly, if your rental is linked to a corporate account and insurance, you could have major problems with your insurance claim in a car accident. Often the claim goes back to the company with the negotiated rate, not you. This can mean lengthy delays in receiving a refund and possibly a rejection of the claim.

I used to publish the most popular Avis company codes on this page but I was asked to remove them as people using them were not qualified and got rejected at the rental counter and other issues.

The good news is that Avis has chosen to work with us and provide a special "Milepro Company Code" that anyone can use.

Most Avis AWD codes require you to "pay upfront" to get the best discount. I don't like paying in advance, so you can use this code to pay now or pay later. The discount is up to 25% on Pay Later fares and up to 30% on Pay Now fares.

I personally think it's better to get a slightly smaller discount and not have to pay for the car in advance. It makes life so much easier if you need to quit for any reason. Check it out below.

The best Avis AWD codes to save on car rental (1)

Avis AWD code for Milepro

Milepro readers save up to 30% with our special AWD code -A519320

MoreNot less


Book here!

does not expire

If you work for a large company, especially one with a lot of travelers (IBM, Deloitte, E&Y, Accenture, etc.), be sure to check with your HR or corporate travel department as the savings can be huge using these codes. Please just make sure you are affiliated with the company and have permission to use them!

If you have a code from your company, go toAvis booking pageto apply the discount code applicable to you. Detailed instructions on how to enter the code are below.

Discounts for Avis students and alumni

Another way to get a corporate discount code from Avis is to see if your college or university has an alumni offers page or a student benefits page that offers discounts on rental cars. As an MSU Spartan Alumnus, I have access to discounts at Avis, Enterprise, Hertz, andNational– Discounts can range from 10 to 30%.

The best Avis AWD codes to save on car rental (3)

In this case theMSU Corporate Codefor notificationsD134118and offers a very good discount. Do a quick Google search for your university and see what discounts you can get.

Before using any of these codes please double check and ensure you have permission to use these college discount codes for personal rentals. Some codes are only released for business trips, while others can be used for personal rentals. In some cases, the car rental company provides a separate code for private and business use.

How to apply Avis discount codes

Applying Avis AWD and voucher codes is very simple.

  1. Enter your pickup and drop-off locations and desired rental date.
  2. Click on the Discount Code tab, which will bring up the fields for entering the AWD Code and Coupon Code.
  3. Click the Select My Car button and your discounted rental options will appear.
The best Avis AWD codes to save on car rental (4)

The Avis Loyalty Program – Avis Preferred

Like most major car rental companies,Avishas a free loyalty program, Avis Preferred. When you sign up with Avis Preferred, you'll always get faster bookings and rentals.

Notification preferred

Benefits of the Avis Preferred program include:

  • Enjoy fast service and walk straight to your car at most locations.
  • Accelerate your rewards by opting for Avis Preferred Points. Earn points for every qualifying dollar you spend. Exchange for rent, accessories and upgrades.
  • Store rental preferences and track your activity and rewards.
  • Exclusive monthly offers by email.
  • The more you rent from Avis, the closer you get to Avis Preferred Plus and enjoy even more benefits.

The best Avis AWD codes to save on car rental (5)

Avis Preferred Plus

Avis frequent flyers can earn Avis Preferred Plus status:

  • Avis Preferred members who complete 12 rentals or spend $5,000 (USD) on base rentals plus optional products within a calendar year will automatically earn pointsAvis Preferred PlusStatus.
  • Members who achieve Avis Preferred Plus status can receive a complimentary upgrade to a single vehicle class, subject to availability, in addition to other special benefits.
  • Members who have also chosen Avis Preferred points can earn 25% more points on qualifying rentals and spending on optional products.
  • With Avis Preferred Plus, members who complete 25 rentals or spend $7,000 (USD) in a calendar year and also elect Avis Preferred Points can earn 50% more points on qualifying rentals and optional product spend.

Signing up only takes a minute. Here you areAvis Preferred registration link

More ways to save on your next Avis car rental

Rental car discount codes are not the only way to save money when renting a car. Here are some more tips to keep in mind when renting your next car.

Join the Loyalty Club

This one is a no-brainer. joining theAvis Loyalty ProgramIt's free and it only takes a few minutes to sign up. Once you become a member, you'll receive great perks, free rental days and free upgrades.

Premium credit card rental

Premier credit cards like the Chase Sapphire Preferred or Reserve card come with rental car insurance benefits that help you avoid the extra insurance fees car companies are trying to trick you into buying. Make sure your credit card offers "premium" rental car insurance coverage. My Sapphire Preferred Card saved me when I had oneaccident in Italy.

Rent outside the airport

I'm not a big fan of this option as it can be a major inconvenience. However, you can save big by renting outside the airport and avoiding all the extra fees that come with renting at the airport.

Don't pay for petrol in advance

It's easy to be fooled into believing that cheaper prepaid petrol is a good deal. It is not. When you prepay for gas, you pay for a full tank. The chances that you will use up every last drop of gas before driving back are very slim. Fill up your tank a few miles outside the airport and you'll be better off.

Consider booking through an airline portal

Many major airlines work with car rental companies and offer driver discounts, the opportunity to earn miles and more when you book your rental car through the portal.

You can also book a vacation package through your airline. Whenever you can combine your flight with car rental and/or hotel stay, there is an opportunity to make additional savings.

The best Avis AWD codes to save on car rental (6)

Avis car rental rates are extremely expensive. I hope this article has given you some good ideas on how to save money on your next trip.

Savings opportunities at other car rental companies

If you don't want to rent from Avis, here are some ways you can save with other great car rental companies:

  • Alamo - The best Alamo discount codes
  • Budget – Best BCD Codes to Save on a Budget
  • Enterprise - Best Enterprise Discount CodesorCorporate weekend specials
  • Hertz – The best CDP codes to save with Hertz
  • National – The best national discount codes

frequently asked questions

Does Avis have a mobile app?

Yes, and it offers the opportunity to have a completely contactless experience with theQuickPassResource. Download theApp here.

Does Avis offer a discount at Costco?

Yes, but you have to book throughCostco-App.

Does Avis offer USAA discounts?

Yes. USAA members can get a good discount and free upgradeAWD A177200.Learn more here.

Is there a free upgrade code?

try to enterUUGA072enter in the voucher code field when booking. It might work!

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