What is a crest of the middle ocean? (2023)

The average ocean comb is an extensive underwater mountainous area that results from constant tectonic plates in change, heat and magma that are emitted from the earth's core.Instead.Upper coat in the different limits of the plate due to convection currents that raise the seabed.


How did the middle of the oceans spread?

Environment oceans are unique characteristics of ocean basins.The world's mydocean combat are connected and create a single medium ocean summit system in the world, part of all oceans and all seas.Pull distributed the middle oceans.It was not determined which process is most dominant.

The comb pushes is when the comb of the comb pushes the tectonic plate away from the comb toward a subduction zone where the plate brings on the scene.The remaining plate is pulled.

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The central oceans are spectacular and vary in shapes and shapes. It is the longest mountain range on the planet.Abyssalhügel and levels include these burrs at both ends, sometimes accompanied by normal errors that lead to ocean central complexes.

Responsible for 75 % of volcanic activity on the planet

Most volcanism on the planet, including volcano formation and volcanic eruptions, occurs along the central ocean mountain range, where the new oceanic crust is born of laundry and sediments.And earthquakes like tsunamis and earthquakes are responsible, but at the moment everything seems to be well.

Basalt, the most common rock, begins in the spreading centers along the mountain range.

Hydrothermal ventilation slots along the middle of the oceans

Seawater continuously flows through hydrothermal circulation through cracks or arms coats of arms in the middle of the ocean.are transferred to the water.Hot and mineral liquids flow from divisions that form hydrothermal ventilation slots.

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When hot water touches the cold water from the seabed, metals fall from the solution and form black clouds or black smokers that moistened minerals used to use chimneys.It also supports ocean readers who survive in an unfathomable life that survived through the absorption of the hydrogen sulfide in hot water with metal.

A divergent phenomenon

All lava and magma emissions to create combs with medium ocean is a different phenomenon.The new underwater terrestrial forms that are formed instead of converting, wasting and taking new courses that separate the bed from the oceans.Two types of central oceansSlowly prepared axial combs and burrs.

These tectonic plates, which cause the middle oceans, are also responsible for dividing the earth's earth mass to different continents.To investigate the complex process of formation of combs to medium ocean, it was proven that uninterrupted operation could further separate continents and countries.

This is a slow procedure and, as the earth's core is never cold, the process cannot be interrupted.Proeminent examples of medium ocean piloting formations can be found in Africa, the Red Sea and the US.Ocean combs started change and more recent to form due to excessive heat.

The Atlantic middle mountain range and the promotion of the Eastern Pacific

These are two well -analyzed average oceans on the planet.Rund 80 Mya, North America, was separated from Europe, which led to the Atlantic middle mountain range and measures 10,000 miles throughout the nineteenth century, when the first transatlantic cable wasplaced.-The Atlantic Ridge runs along the middle of the Atlantic and is slowly widespread and grows at an annual rate of 2 to 5 centimeters or 10 mm to 150 mm per year.

The increase in East Pacific is located at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean.The Atlantic Valley Rift.Most of the climb is over 3200 km from the south -American coast and rises between 1800 and 2700 meters above sea bottom.

Southwest Indian Ridge and Gakkel Ridge

In addition to spreading slow and quickly, there are ultrasound distribution fighting such as the Southwest Indian comb and gakkel -kamm.Erest divides the ocean between Africa and Antarctica, while following the Indian and southeastern environment of Madagascar.With an intermediate rate.

On the other hand, Gakkel Ridge has one of the slowest rates among all ridges, ie h.1.1 cm A-1.The Western Volunteer of Iceland, a dying summit segment, formed a propagation rate of <0.Island by an access point below a spreading center.

Common slow combs have a robust flanch topography, while faster combs have soft flanks.


Earth is the only planet on which life, as we know it.Possible evolution can change Earth's geography and topography in the coming years, average oceans are just an example of Earth's evolutionary process.

common questions

1. What is the most famous comb with the middle ocean?

The middle of the Atlantic in the Atlantic is the most famous comb in the middle of the ocean, which spreads annually at a speed of 0.8 to 2 inches.

2. What are average ocean combs?

The central ocean combs are boring and the worlds of the world pool, seismic formations of active underwater fuel.

3. How do medium oceans appear?

They occur along the different registration limits, in which a new marine crust is formed due to the dissemination of tectonic plates.During the melted rock, the melted stone rises under the earth's crust through cracks that generate significant volcanic explosions containing lava and basalt.

4. Are volcanoes with average oceans?

With average oceans are subacous volcanoes and mountains that surround the entire sea and the bottom of the sea.

5. What are the examples of average ocean back?

Some examples are the middle of the middle ocean, the Carlsberg mountain range, the Pacific mountain range and the climb of the Eastern Pacific.

6.Which country is in the middle of Ocean Ridge?

Iceland is above the middle of the middle Atlantic, also called the Neovulcan zone in the region.

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